Tianmu electric syllables to help the exhibition area at night economic development

2022-06-23 0 By

In xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, people sing and dance with DJ.(Photo by Chen Yan) Urumqi Evening News all media (reporter Wang Lei) From March 15th to 20th, while the 2022 “March 15th” Auto show in Xinjiang will be held in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center, shuimogou District Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau will hold the 2022 First xinjiang electric mark at the convention and Exhibition Center square every night.On the electronic music, the public can visit the special market and participate in the colorful entertainment feast, taste the special food, or sing and dance with the DJ on the electronic music.At 20 o ‘clock on that day, the night came, the electric sound host shouted the mic with great vitality, accompanied by dynamic rhythm and gorgeous unique stage lighting, the audience cheered and jumped along with the music beat, waving fluorescent sticks in their hands, enjoying the infinite charm brought by electric sound.There are also residents took out mobile phone live broadcast.Citizen Jing Xuexiang with friends to experience electric syllables, and sway with the crowd.”I like fashionable music with strong rhythm. These MCS and DJS are professional and have a great atmosphere.”Jing xuexiang said.Cui Jian, deputy general manager of Xinjiang Wheat Field Exhibition Co., LTD., said that it was the first time to try the form of “auto show + electronic sound”, inviting domestic famous electronic sound team, using professional stage construction and sound equipment, to attract more young people to help the exhibition “night economy”.ShuiMoGou district culture and sports and tourism workers rose lee said, with the help of the “3 · 15” auto show platform, the first label field in xinjiang electricity syllable “music + food” as the medium, the perfect combination of fashion and motor show to attract people attention to attract popularity, entertainment leading the automobile consumption, strong booster auto sales, increasing economic power, the capital of night.